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‘Time Out’ Prayer

What is ‘Time Out’ Prayer?

‘Time Out’ Prayer is about setting aside an amount of time to spend with Jesus, not being distracted by the phone or the television but simply letting his presence ‘fill’ you.

A simple illustration may help you. One day the cleaner at work saw me trying to revive a tired plant. It had been left without water for many weeks. I then tried to water it but the plant would not revive.

She saw what I was doing and said, "If you don't mind me saying that plant is so dry the water is running off". She asked if she could show me and she lifted the plant out of its pot and the soil and roots were bone dry.

She filled a basin with water and dunked the plant in. You could almost hear the plant say thank you. It's good to be dunked into the love and security of the Lord.

‘Time Out’ Prayer is about you, and I, enjoying just being with Him. It’s about returning to our first love.

How do you enjoy ‘‘Time Out’ Prayer’?

To connect to His presence, a good idea is to put on a worship CD, and sit or lie down so you are at rest, and let the Holy Spirit come and minister to you.

Pray simple prayers like “I open my heart to you Father, come and say what you want to speak to me, and refresh me with your Holy Spirit.”  Give all your concerns and cares to him, and let your Heavenly Father fill you with peace and joy.

It’s not about striving in prayer, but instead connecting. The longer you spend in His presence often the deeper you can receive from Him, so take more than 15 minutes at a time.

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